My Tutor, My Lover – COMING MAY 2019

Quite frankly, Emma, you’re shit in bed.
Her ex-fiancé’s parting words ringing in her ears, Emma realises she has no choice. She needs to become better in bed. Without all the messy feelings, preferably. And who better to assist her than tTHhe man who can both make her blood boil…and make her breath catch with just a look.

There’s nothing for me in London.
Of that, Dale is convinced. Just bad memories. And his younger brother’s best friend, the infuriatingly snobbish and dangerously attractive Emma. Her proposition – to become her sexual tutor while he’s in town – is the stuff of Dale’s hottest fantasies…and his worst nightmare all rolled into one.

It’s just sex.
That was the agreement. But soon, Dale and Emma both realise that they’re in for more than they bargained for. As their protective layers fall away, it is no longer just sex. But it couldn’t possibly be love. Could it?